ADP Payroll Integration

ADP Payroll Integration with Sage 300

Payroll Processing Software Integration for Sage 300

If you’re using a payroll processing company, like ADP, you probably enjoy the time and cost savings benefit of an outsourced payroll solution. But if you have to create manual journal entries and re-type all the payroll data into your accounting software, you’re giving back all that time and money you were saving in the first place.

Integrated Payroll and Accounting Software

At Equation Technologies, we’ve built a seamless integration between Sage 300 and many of the popular payroll service providers like ADP. Our Sage 300 integration closes the gap between the payroll output file and your accounting software.

Our clients have told us they’re saving up to 4 hours of tedious data entry and manual reconciliation each pay period because of the following features:


Automatic Payroll Journal Entries – Say goodbye to shuffling printed reports, pulling out liability and salary data, and manually creating journal entries.


Easier Bank Reconciliations – Category, department, and location fields automatically populated in your Sage 300 software for easier bank reconciliations.


Better Decision Making – This integration transfers payroll and check detail directly to your accounting system, get data at your fingertips of the overall business operations.

Our integration completes the process that your payroll provider starts, so that you’ll have a fully connected payroll and accounting system.

Sage 300 Integration for Your Payroll Service

Don’t waste another minute manually transferring data from printed reports or copying and pasting from Excel spreadsheets to your general ledger. Get more detailed payroll information with a lot less work Sage 300 integration for ADP.

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