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Keeping Your Customer Data Synchronized with Sage 300

If you’re manually rekeying new customer information from SalesForce CRM ( into Sage 300 or have discovered that your customer databases are simply out of sync, it’s time to talk to the Sage 300 integration experts at Equation Technologies.

We offer an integration that manages the disconnect between SalesForce CRM and Sage 300, keeping your customer data synchronized in both systems including phone numbers, shipping addresses, email contacts, and all other main contact details.

Eliminate the Headaches

Keeping your customer data synchronized and accurate will help you avoid some of these common and costly mistakes:

checkbox-devAccounting sends customer invoices to the wrong address because a recent change in SalesForce CRM wasn’t picked up in Sage 300

checkbox-devCustomer orders are shipped to the wrong location resulting in costly returns and reshipping charges

checkbox-devA change in accounting isn’t picked up in SalesForce CRM resulting in wasted sales and marketing effort to the wrong contact or email address

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