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Sure, Tigerpaw Software offers integration to QuickBooks. But if you’re already using Sage 300 or have outgrown QuickBooks and need a back-end accounting system that’s more powerful, then it’s time to talk with the Sage 300 integration experts at Equation Technologies.

We offer a Tigerpaw integration for Sage 300 that eliminates duplicate data entry and the need to manually move data back and forth. Whether you need real-time synchronization or batch updates between the two databases, our Tigerpaw integration for Sage 300 will:

checkbox-devShare Customers – customers created in Tigerpaw are automatically transferred into Sage 300

checkbox-devShare Customer Invoices and Payments – all invoices and customer payments processed in Tigerpaw are transferred into Sage 300 for financial reporting.

checkbox-devShare Purchase Orders – purchase orders created in Tigerpaw are transferred over as invoices in Sage 300 Accounts Payable.

Our Sage 300 integration picks up where Tigerpaw leaves off so you have one integrated system without all the hassle of rekeying transactions, reconciling balances, and updating both systems manually.

Connect your Tigerpaw Software with Sage 300 Now
While Tigerpaw makes the transaction data available, it doesn’t come out in a format that’s automatically readable by Sage 300. That’s where the knowledge and experience of the Sage 300 integration experts at Equation Technologies can save you tons of time, money, and hassle.

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