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Eliminate duplicate data entry and save loads of time with our EmbTrak integration for Sage 300. The Sage integration experts at Equation Technologies have built a connector for EmbTrak and Sage 300 that automatically transfers order information back and forth between systems which includes the following benefits:

checkbox-devEliminate re-entry of order and customer information

checkbox-devReduce data entry errors

checkbox-devImprove customer communication and delivery time

checkbox-devGenerate more complete and consolidated reports

checkbox-devEffectively track work in progress and order status in your system

checkbox-devEliminate spreadsheets, manual tracking, redundancy, and inefficiency

This dynamic integration carries all the way through from quote to order and invoice. It even synchronizes your customer list, contacts, and communication.

Best of Both Worlds with Sage 300 Integration
With the EmbTrak integration for Sage 300, you get the best of both worlds … EmbTrak decoration software to handle embroidery and customization, while Sage 300 manages customers and the rest of your business in one integrated system.

Regardless of whether an order is in decoration or fulfillment, our EmbTrak integration for Sage 300 ensures that the information your team needs flows seamlessly between systems, reducing turnaround time and streamlining your entire process.

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