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TimeClock Plus




Time and Attendance Tracking Software for Sage 300

If you’re using TimeClock Plus, then you’ve already experienced the efficiency and cost savings of this fantastic application for time and attendance tracking. But if you’re using Sage 300, you’ve probably discovered that you still have to manually import employee timesheet data from TimeClock Plus into your Sage 300 accounting and payroll software.

That’s why Equation Technologies developed the TimeClock Plus Integration for Sage 300. Our integration solution bridges the gap between the employee data gathered by TimeClock Plus and Sage 300 Payroll so you end up with a fully integrated and automated payroll process. No more duplicate data entry, manual reconciliation, tedious calculations, or errors!

Our Sage 300 integration for TimeClock Plus simplifies your payroll process by automatically transferring approved employee timesheets into Sage 300 as a Timecard so you’re ready to run payroll. The integration also offers the following features:

checkbox-devNew Employee Set Up – New employees set up in Sage 300 are automatically transferred to TimeClock Plus without the need to re-enter data.

checkbox-devEnhanced Time Tracking – Import an employee’s work hours, sick leave, and vacation time to Sage 300 Payroll for better time management.

checkbox-devMap Job Codes – Project or job codes entered in TimeClock Plus are transferred to Sage 300 for better job cost support, tracking, and reporting.

checkbox-devImport Notifications – Automated alerts indicate when information is imported for a non-existent, inactive, or terminated employee.

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