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ExpenseWatch Integration




Expense Report and Purchasing Software for Sage 300 (ACCPAC)

So your purchasing department went out and got themselves a shiny new software application called ExpenseWatch to manage expense reports, purchasing, and payables invoices. But you’ve just discovered that ExpenseWatch doesn’t integrate with your Sage 300 accounting system!

How are you going to get all that purchasing and expense data transferred over to Sage 300 without pulling your hair out, spending hours fumbling around with spreadsheets, and manually re-entering the data into your accounting software? With the help of the Sage 300 integration experts at Equation Technologies – that’s how.

Equation Technologies offers a turnkey integration for ExpenseWatch that will:

checkbox-devShare the Chart of Accounts – Automatically shares Chart of Accounts with ExpenseWatch so the purchasing department is choosing the right accounts from the start.

checkbox-devShare Vendors – Vendors created in Sage 300 are automatically transferred to ExpenseWatch.

checkbox-devMove Expense Transactions – Approves expense reports and purchases in ExpenseWatch, automatically transfers to Sage 300 without manual intervention or duplicate data entry.

Save Time and Spare the Frustration
Even though ExpenseWatch provides export files “for any accounting system,” the data isn’t in a format that Sage 300 recognizes and simply won’t work. So save time and spare yourself the frustration by contacting Equation Technologies today.

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