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Warehouse Librarian Integration



Warehouse Management Software (WMS) for Sage 300

If you’re looking to integrate warehouse management software (WMS) with your accounting system, you’ve come to the right place. The Sage integration experts at Equation Technologies offer a connector for Warehouse Librarian and Sage 300 that transfers data between systems, eliminates duplicate data entry, and reduces labor costs in your warehouse.

Our Warehouse Librarian integration for Sage 300 seamlessly connects:

  • Maintains inventory part numbers
  • Inventory transactions
  • Purchase Orders
  • Approved Orders
  • Shipped Orders
  • Inventory Adjustments and Transfers

Is Sage 300 Integration the Right Fit for You?
Our Sage 300 integration for Warehouse Librarian is a perfect fit for:

checkbox-devCustomers that already own Sage 300 and Warehouse Librarian, and want to eliminate errors, duplicate data entry, and inefficiency.

checkbox-devCustomers that own Sage 300 and want the added benefit of a WMS software suite.

checkbox-devCustomers that own Warehouse Librarian but are unhappy with their current accounting or ERP system.

P.S. Are you an Embtrak customer? If so, you’re in luck. We also offer an integration that connects all 3 systems: Embtrak, Warehouse Librarian, and Sage 300. Contact us for details.

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